The Australian Glass Group believes functionality, efficiency and aesthetics are one and the same.

With safety as the cornerstone of each product development, we partner with glaziers and architects to create functionally beautiful glass solutions for the modern home and business.

Through our national network, we supply a comprehensive range of glass building products including:

Superior Insulation with a full range of variations to suit your performance needs.

Insulglass Clear consists of Clear Toughened glass on either side with a spacer in between consisting of air or argon to enhance energy efficiency outcomes for your windows.

Insulglass Select can be customised to meet your specific requirements, such as incorporating tints for solar control, Low E for improved insulation, varying spacer widths and overall thicknesses


Audioshield, ultimate in noise control, works with three-layer extrusion technology for a dramatic improvement in sound insulating performance

Sky Glass is structurally designed engineered glass for balustrade and pool fence applications requiring strength and safety

An ideal softcoat LowE for warmer climates to minimise Glare and a balance of Solar Control and great Insulation

An ideal LowE for colder climates with maximum Visible Light, Passive Heat Gain and excellent Insulation

Superior performance to maximise both Solar Control and Insulation, without compromising Visible Light

Tempershield is a range of toughened safety glass, manufactured to strict standards for most applications. When combined with another glass, it can be used in an IGU to meet specific requirements such as noise, temperature control etc.