About us

The Australian Glass Group is one of Australia’s top suppliers of performance glass products.

With a strong foundation in customer service, Australian Glass Group businesses offer complementary expertise and custom products, keeping abreast of environmental trends in processing and lifestyle.

Our vision and mission

At Australian Glass Group, we believe in beautiful, sustainable homes with clear lines and natural light from quality glass products.

We aim to be the premier supplier of high performance glass and glazing solutions by providing quality products and an exceptional customer service experience.

Our culture and values

Since 2008, Australian Glass Group has been a leader in providing solutions to commercial and residential needs.

The Australian Glass Group was founded by like-minded individuals who believe in quality and performance in the glass industry.

Customer service remains at the core of our day-to-day operations, and we always aim to be approachable, professional and dependable. At Australian Glass Group, we understand that as your business grows, so does ours. Over the years, our repeat customers have become loyal business partners, based on the reliability and integrity of both our company and our products.

Australian Glass Group is committed to safe and ethical work practices, mindful of the environment, and the future of our planet