Customer Service

Australian Glass Group aims to provide each of our customers with a personalised, seamless experience focusing on what you value the most.

Our Customer Service consists of multi-touch points for our customers to interact with:

  • Account Managers for day-to-day discussions with customers
  • Customer Service Representatives to ensure accuracy of customer orders
  • Despatch wherein our friendly drivers have the expertise to handle fragile products on and off road
  • Online Compass Tool providing customers with 24 hour access to their accounts and information.

Online COMPASS tool

Working to your schedule.

The Australian Glass Group Online Compass Tool allows our customers to have 24-hour access to their orders, keeping our business accountable throughout the process.

How does it work?

  1. Customers have a custom home page with a list of their orders, from the simple to complex.
  2. Search features allow you to track a single pane of glass through production, or an entire project at the click of a button.
  3. The status tab keeps us on track, and lets customers see how their order processing compares to the production schedule.
  4. Finally, you can track your delivery as it leaves our plant and arrives at your site!

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