Safe, smart and practical

We specialise in contemporary glazing practices that allow us to create custom frameless glass expanses without compromising on safety.

The use of glass in interior and exterior spaces help to open layouts, add light, and create a minimalist look while maintaining safety.

Exclusive to Australian Glass Group, Sky Glass is an innovative structural frameless glass that can be used in architectural interiors and exteriors. We have an in-house design team for engineered solutions, ensuring each commissioned piece is fit for purpose- and compliant to Australian Standards and Regulatory requirements- without compromising on style. Sky Glass is ideal in extreme weather and marine environments, and delivers a clean, sophisticated finish.

When engineered to withstand loads required by compliant handrails, Sky Glass is supplied with a site specific and independently engineered fit-for-purpose* certification for full compliance to Building Code of Australia requirements.

Strong, sturdy and beautiful in clarity, Sky Glass remains safe even in the unlikely event of breakage. The interlayer used keeps glass fragments together, keeping the panel whole and in place with minimal sagging. Damaged pool fences and balustrades will continue to provide safe protection until replacement is possible.

Developed over years with engineers and technical experts, we can guarantee that Australian Glass Group’s Sky Glass  meets all safety requirements. Australian Glass Group custom engineers Sky Glass to order, offering greater design scope for most sizes, thickness or fixing options.

In addition to Sky Glass, you can also use Tempershield for your next balustrading project. Tempershield is toughened safety glass is ideal for applications like showerscreens, splashbacks and areas where thermal stress is a concern because it can withstand a temperature differential of up to 250°C.

At Australian Glass Group, Tempershield is manufactured within the stringent Australian licensing requirements for the manufacturing of A Grade safety glass (AS/NZS 2208 – 1996 – Safety glazing materials in buildings) and is also used for Windows and Doors.

In the unlikely event of toughened glass breaking, Tempershield will break into small particles significantly reducing the risk of serious injury.

For more information check the product considerations.

Recommended products

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Sky Glass