Mirrors to reflect your world

Nothing makes a statement like the confidence of looking good, and that extends to the space around us. Mirrors open up and add light and levity to interiors, adding an accurate reflection of a carefully designed space in your home or business.

Australian Glass Group can manufacture everything from gorgeous, simple decorative mirrors, to extensive statement pieces spanning entire walls including Mirrorshield for splashback applications.

Mirrorshield has exceptional protection of the reflective silver coating, without the need of the copper layer in traditional mirror processes. Excluding the copper layer means there is greater resistance to natural corrosion eliminating black edges and unsightly spot faults. We also use two coats of special backing paint to give additional protection from steam, moisture and chemicals.

Mirrorshield can be edge worked with bevelling and brilliant cut designs, and our laminates are available as a Grade A safety product.

We recommend Mirrorshield for use in domestic and commercial applications, and offer the highest level of quality and accuracy.

For more information check the product considerations.

Recommended products

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