Bringing colour and practicality to the modern kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the family home, and glass Splashbacks are the perfect addition to add light and space.

Australian Glass Group specialises in creating accurate, complex and quality manufactured panels for Splashbacks and wall cladding applications in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Our low iron glass range ensures consistent colour, avoiding the colour interference problems typically present when standard clear glass is used. Our painting line not only provides an accurate colour finish to brighten every installation, we can also colour-match it to most colours available.

Australian Glass Group recommends safe and strong Tempershield Glass for all Splashback applications as it can withstand a temperature differential of up to 250°C which is critical when installed as a Splashback. In addition to this, in the unlikely event of toughened glass breaking, Tempershield will break into small particles significantly reducing the risk of serious injury.

With superior quality reflective surface for interior applications, Mirrorshield a toughened state of the art product from Australian Glass Group is ideal for Splashbacks. Mirrorshield is well suited to small modern Kitchens and Bathrooms, where the mirror finish reflects light and opens up the area. It can be used for most applications and is a stylish alternative to Splashbacks.

Glass Whiteboards for Offices, Healthcare Environments and Homes

Australian Glass Group supplies specially coated glass that is ideal to be used as whiteboards in corporate offices, homes and for all practical hygiene reasons in healthcare environments. These boards are hygiencally clean and are easy to maintain unlike traditional cork boards or even electronic whiteboards that needs to be cleaned using chemicals.

For more information check the product considerations.

Recommended products

Australian Glass Group recommends the products listed below for splashbacks.