The impact of NCC 2019 Volume 1 (Commercial) has seen a significant change in the way we evaluate the thermal properties of a building. Now we look at the whole façade (wall and window combined) and at the same time increase the minimum energy efficiency requirements as we progress in our trajectory of CO²-e emission reductions by 2030.

What this means is we need higher performing glazing in our buildings in two main areas – Insulation (a lower U-Value) and Solar Control (a lower SHGC).

But don’t forget about comfort and well-being! Be aware of the correlation of a lower SHGC and lower Visible Light (VLT). While some very dark tinted glass types and coatings on tints may meet the lower SHGC’s required, the client may not like a dark looking building and the tenants may suffer from the lack of natural light while the cost of running artificial lighting increases.

Fortunately, there are other options available that can satisfy all needs – Insulglass LowE Max® is one such product.

Insulglass LowE Max® is a superior high performing softcoat Low-Emissivity coated glass that has one of the highest Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratios available in the world market: 2.37 with clear / 2.44 with low iron. This is also known as “Selectivity” and is achieved by having a very low SHGC of 0.27* and yet a high VLT of 64/66%*.

The neutral colour rendition allows blue skies and green grass when looking from inside-out. Add 95% UV protection from fading factors of the sun and a market leading U-Value of 1.3* and you have an ultimate product for your commercial needs.

Proudly manufactured, stocked and supported in Australia by Australian Glass Group®, toughened for strength and Grade A safety and complies with all AS standards including AS 1288, AS 2208 and AS 4666.

Comprehensive full-frame performance values also available in WERS. See brochure here

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