Insulglass LowE Max® now has a new and improved look with higher Visible Light, a more clear-neutral tone and yet still the same superior performance in both market-leading low U-Value and very low SHGC – without compromising Visible Light, in fact it has increased to now up to 68%!

Insulglass LowE Max® is a superior, high performing softcoat low-emissivity coated glass (Low-E) that comes as part of an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU). It has one of the highest Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratios available in the world market, meaning the highest Selectivity ratios.

Insulglass LowE Max® is now available in 6 mm and 8 mm thickness, allowing larger units and more strength against multiple load factor resistance.

In a double glazed unit:

  • 6mm available up to 3000 x 1900mm
  • 8mm available up to 4500 x 1900mm

Other sizes available on request based on AS 1288 maximum m2 allowances.

Proudly manufactured, stocked and supported in Australia by Australian Glass Group® with certified full frame performance available in WERS.


Residential use – a superior product for comfort levels by allowing high levels of natural light inside and yet blocking 73 per cent* of heat from the sun from entering in and providing up to 78 per cent better insulation in colder periods than standard 4 mm glass*.

Commercial use – an ideal solution for the increased minimum energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code while allowing larger units without compromising performance.


Low Iron – 6/12/6 mm     1.3  0.270.68          2.52
Clear – 6/12/6 mm     1.3  0.270.66          2.44
Clear Lam – 6/12/6.38 mm     1.3  0.270.66          2.44
White Trans Lam – 6/12/6.38 mm     1.3  0.260.51          1.96
Grey – 6/12/6 mm     1.3  0.220.33          1.50

* All performance data is centre of glass only, argon gas, NFRC standards and comparisons to 4 mm clear float.

^Selectivity is the Light to Solar Gain ratio (LSG). This is Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) divided by Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). These represent some of the highest Selectivity values available in the world market, meaning fantastic Solar Control without having a low Visible Light factor or dark looking buildings with dominant tinted colours.

Proudly manufactured, stocked and supported in Australia by Australian Glass Group®

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