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More Light, Less Noise

Audioshield, a laminated glass consisting of a sound insulating core interlayer can quieten the hustle and bustle around you by up to 34%* compared to Single Glazed Glass – allowing you to enjoy your peace and tranquillity.  Audioshield works with three-layer extrusion technology for a dramatic improvement in sound insulating performance and can be used for Windows and Doors for residential and commercial applications. Audioshield looks and performs like a standard laminate offering improved safety, without the bulk or optical distortion.

Audioshield has the flexibility of customisation to meet energy requirements, using tints and Low E glass. A complete solution to make your home a sanctuary.

*comparing 75dB of external noise to Living & Working Environment noise requirement of 40-50dB.

For Consideration

Edge Protection
Laminated glass products must be glazed to protect the interlayer from direct exposure to the elements. Water and moisture can affect the interlayer, causing product breakdown and potentially impact on the structural integrity. Incorrect glazing will also void any warranties.

For more information check the product considerations.

Laminated Glass

Reduces External Noise

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