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Provides a choice of glass to select from a wide range of high performance glass to suit specific requirements and applications that will deliver significant design benefits.

Energy Advantage Clear has exceptional solar heat gain (SHGC) properties and is designed to assist with passive solar heating by enabling the sun’s warmth to enter the building, capturing it inside and then reducing its heat loss. In contrast SolTech Grey which has low SHGC is designed to reduce solar gain by providing the highest possible solar control of the range. Insulglass Select range of products whilst providing improved insulation and a choice of solar control, continue to offer good daylight transmission to encourage natural lighting of buildings, thereby reducing your energy cost.

Insulglass Select Glass Range consists of following glass options –

  • Energy Advantage – is a pyrolitically on-line coated Low E glass. It offers substantial improvement on thermal insulation when compared to clear float glass. Energy Advantage has high solar heat gain, which means that as well as retaining natural heating warmth in a room, it also allows high level of solar energy to enter, for warmer and brighter interiors reducing heating and lighting costs. Available in 6mm Clear for a better vision and also in safety version when required.
  • EnergyTech and Soltech – consists of comprehensive range of Low E hard coat product offering improved thermal insulation and a choice of solar control performance with low visible light reflection. The range is specifically designed for Australian climate regions and consists of 4 & 6mm in Clear, Grey and Green and also in safety version. Soltech is available in 6mm in Neutral and Grey.
  • Evantage – manufactured by the pyrolitic low E hard coating process is an economical option for projects that require glazing alternatives better than standard glass and that in the past have had to specify top of the range high performance insulating glass units. Available in 6mm in Grey, Super Green and Blue Green colours to assist different design requirements and also in safety version where it is required most.
  • Planibel G – is a Low E, hard coat glass that has significantly high thermal insulating properties against the cold, protecting the internal comfort levels inside your home. Available in 4 & 6mm in Clear for a better neutrality and also in safety version where it is required most.For further information on performance of this type of glass, please refer to data table available in the above downloads section.
  • Sunergy – applauded for its superb appearance and visual comfort, Sunergy combines very low light reflection with a large range of colours. This range of solar control hard-coated glass guarantees a good comfort level by combining low E performance (low U value) and high solar control properties (low solar factor).

For further information on performance of this type of glass, please refer to data table available in the above downloads section.

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Choice of low E, hard coat IGU to suit most applications

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