Custom Laminated Glass Balustrade for Mirvac Office in Sydney


Arden Architectural Staircase is Australia’s only commercial staircase specialist and so it is imperative to Arden the products supplied to their projects are compliant to relevant balustrading standard AS1428. The other concern for Arden was ‘timeline’. Arden was provided with a tight timeline to complete this project for the planned relocation of Mirvac’s staff to this office. The project had to be handed over within this timeline with minimum disruptions, whilst addressing the safety concerns for Mirvac.


When Australian Glass Group(AGG) was contacted by Arden for assistance with this project, AGG recommended Custom Laminated Glass consisting of Low Iron Toughened PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) Laminate.  Custom Laminated Glass is a Grade A safety glass configured with an interlayer inserted between two or more panes of glass which is then bonded together by heat and pressure to create a durable, high performance glazing material tailored to meet specific requirements. This PVB interlayer does not impact the transparency of the glass. The safety feature of Laminated Glass is created by the bond and strength of the interlayer, which holds the glass pane together in the event of breakage. AGG’s Custom Laminate Glass is an ideal product for balustrading as it has strong bonding, optical clarity, whilst being tough and flexible. The other aspect of the product was dimensional accuracy as it was very critical to match Arden’s requirements to avoid any repeated site visits, ultimately yielding in maintaining the hand over date for Arden.

Due to Mirvac’s schedule, Arden’s concern was for timely product delivery and technical support. Arden’s foreman, Andy Mizzi’s comments were, “AGG was very supportive to meet Arden’s requests and helped by pushing work forward to meet their customer Mirvac’s timelines”.


Project Details

Product – 17.52mm Low Iron Toughened PVB Custom Laminate Glass

Site Address – Mirvac Group’s Head Office, 200 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Customer – Arden Architectural Staircases

Provides comprehensive design, fabrication and construction services for stair and balustrade projects.