Insulglass Select IGU & Spandrel for Alphacare Commercial Building


Alphacare have recently moved to a new Munibung location in Cardiff and their major concerns with this new office facility is its location – noise pollution from neighbouring auto body workshops, welding shop and being standalone (for now), this office building is exposed to external heat from all sides 3600 which directly impacts staff productivity and cohesive work environment. They also wanted to have one consistent look and feel to the building whilst being able to come up with a solution to the concerns.


This project was secured by Kyle Gardiner and his team from Commercial Windows (NSW) who specialises in challenges like this project. Commercial Windows is known for project work involving hospitals, schools and government works to residential units while still maintaining the highest standard in manufacturing techniques. Commercial Windows provided a complete solution to Alphacare consisting of following AGG products – Double Glazed Units (IGU) Insulglass Select for the façade consisting of 6mm Grey Toughened glass outside with 6mm Energy Advantage on the inside with 12mm argon in between and DesignKote for spandrel. The critical aspect of this spandrel was colour matching to the 6mm grey toughened glass just so that one can get a consistent look and feel from outside. With IGU’s, Energy Advantage was ideal for this building as it has exceptional solar heat gain (SHGC) properties and is designed to assist with passive solar heating by enabling the sun’s warmth to enter the building, capturing it inside and then reducing any heat loss. The canopy for the entrance was constructed using 4 x 13.52mm clear toughened PVB laminate and dimensional accuracy was critical for this application as this laminate glass was getting fixed between 5 x ‘T’ bars. Kyle from Commercial Windows confirmed he had samples to provide to the customer and all relevant technical details were available to showcase to the architects. Once the products were selected, it took Commercial Windows just under 3 weeks to order their glass requirements and to get them installed. Kyle was very happy with the communication levels maintained by AGG, timely stock deliveries and is keen to work on similar projects with AGG in the future.


Project Details

Product  Insulglass Select IGU consisting of 6mm Grey Toughened/12mm Argon/6mm Energy Advantage Toughened

Site Address – Alphacare, 107 Munibung Road, Cardiff – NSW 2285

Customer – Commercial Windows –

Supplies & installs quality aluminium doors, windows, louvers and associated products