Sky Glass for Balustrading in High Rise Apartments


To provide residents with a balustrade that is compliant to the Australian Standards and Regulations whilst the residents can enjoy uninterrupted views, rather than looking through the handrail as they previously had to do.


This project was secured by Architectural Glass Systems in Lane Cove and the challenge for this project was demolishing the existing balustrades in a safe manner. Architectural Glass Systems along with the AGG’s in-house design team for engineered solutions provided solutions for this project which involved usage of chain block and tackles to hold the beam whilst it was cut away from the building. The beam was then lowered on to the balcony, cut into sections and carried out of the building for disposal.

The benefit of frameless balustrade using Sky Glass is that residents can now enjoy uninterrupted views, rather than looking through the handrail as they previously had to do. Most often, designs call for panels which are square or rectangular, however, shaped panels are available, and are engineered to suit. Each piece being custom-made means almost any size, thickness or fixing option can be catered for.

Sky Glass is suitable for frameless balustrades, facades, overhead glazing, patio windbreaks, pool fences and floors whilst providing reduced UV transference. Each piece is manufactured to AS/NZS 2208 – Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings (Human Impact Considerations), AS/NZS 4667 – Quality Requirements for Cut to Size/processed Glass, AS1288 – Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation and AS1170.2 – Structural Design Actions – Wind. Being stronger and lighter, Sky Glass allows increased spans and loadings while decreasing the amount of structural support required. It also has superior delamination resistance in exposed applications and can withstand extreme weather.


Project Details

Product – Sky Glass

Site Address – Mathew Bligh Apartments, 29 East Esplanade, Manly NSW

Customer – Australian Glass Systems