Product Considerations

Whilst selecting the ideal product for your application please read following relevant considerations

Australian Glass Group has published below product considerations to help product users and other professionals in preparations to provide an understanding of limitations and inherent characteristics of glass. Please ensure you read this before you finalise your glass selection for your project.

Considerations for toughened glass

Rollerwave is an inherent characteristic of toughened glass.

Higher levels of compression occurs during the cooling phase, which as a consequence shows the occasional appearance of strain marks, iridescent spots or darkish shadows.

Spontaneous Breakage may occur in toughened glass, due to nickel sulphide stones changing state during the toughening process. This is a rare occurrence, however it is not considered as a fault in the glass itself.

Considerations for laminated glass

Edge Protection – Laminated glass products must be glazed to protect the interlayer from direct exposure to the elements. Water and moisture can affect the interlayer, causing product breakdown and potentially impact on the structural integrity. Incorrect glazing will also void any warranties.

Considerations for insulated glass units

Insulglass® units significantly reduce the condensation associated with heating and cooling homes and buildings.

Installation & Glazing
Insulglass units are only effective when properly glazed and installed. The most common characteristic of improperly glazed IGUs is the appearance of moisture inside the unit.

Low E Products
Low E products have a special coating that provides thermal and solar properties, and therefore does not have the same appearance or surface as regular float glass. A small degree of haze may be observed under certain light conditions if this glass type is used in your unit.

Distortion & Reflection
Tinted and reflective IGUs may experience slight visual distortion or bowing due to atmospheric changes. It is mainly visible in the corners, where there can be a concave or a convex, and is unavoidable.

Newtons Rings
A visual effect that may appear if the spacer width is too small. It is created when the centre of the glass panes becomes so close that they touch, and appears as a circular rainbow effect in the centre of the glass.

Brewsters Fringes
A rainbow visual within a unit, when the light passes through two panels of the same thickness. The effect can move and change colours, and can be avoided by using 2 different thicknesses for each pane.